Does It Kindle? 4 Kindling Sources Tested

In today’s video I test 4 alternative sources for kindling I’ve found on the internet. Of course with the internet being what it is, you find all sorts of crazy ideas so I wanted to put these kindling sources to the test! One other factor I wanted to test was the ability of these kindling alternatives to perform in extreme conditions. It’s one thing to light up on the kitchen table, but it’s completely different when there’s a storm outside. Watch the video below to find out our results! P.S. The winner burns at a scary high temperature. Like makes you want to never have it in your house kind of temperature.

The Kindling Video

Well there you have it. Next week we’ll go over a great way to modify lint (yes that phrase exists) and make it an even better fire starter and source of kindling. To make sure you’re one of the first to see new videos subscribe to our YouTube Channel where new videos come out first!

So what did you think? What sources of kindling would you like tested? Do you think we need better methods? What other survival questions would you like us to put to the test? Let us know in the comments below.

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