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Top 5 Posts of 2015

Well everyone, 2016 is finally here. Hopefully one of your resolutions is to get even more prepared for SHTF and better skilled with your firearms. As part of our quest to help you do that here are the top 5 posts of 2015. And be sure to stay tuned for an even greater 2016 from Survival Defense Lab!


How To Aim (5.4K Views)

One of the first in our Everyday Shooter Series, this post covers the basics of a good shot and will provide you with a foundation to take on to more advanced shooting.

5 Hot Tips for Concealed Carry (2.2K Views)

Conceal Carry during the summer can be difficult, both from a fashion and comfort standpoint. This small infographic will provide you with some great tips once the hot months return to us.

Why the M9 or Beretta 92f Sucks (1.6K Views)

I hate this gun, and rightfully so. Find out why in my review.

Steel VS Brass (940 Views)

This debate still rages today. It’s probably because not everyone has had the opportunity to read my definitive take on the subject. Be sure to share it on social media to help fix that problem!

Steel Handgun Target (750 Views)

This was a quick project I did, but it shows that with a few minutes and some ingenuity you can step up your training exponentially.


The Definitive Guide to the 2nd Amendment

I wanted to include this post as it’s the one I’ve spent the longest thinking about and more importantly, it’s the most important post I’ve written. Firearms are tools that can be used for multiple uses, including self defense. But they are greatly misunderstood and the INHERENT and NATURAL rights we have to own them and use them are even more misunderstood. This article seeks to clear up some of that confusion with as little poliltical bias as possible. This is an issue that needs civil discourse more than ever, and this article is a great way to open up that dialogue peacefully and respectfully. Please be sure to share it far and wide.

Well there you have it, our best posts from 2015! Did your favorite post make the list? If not share it in the comments below.


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