Quick Way To Open a Padlock

There are a lot of ways to open a padlock. Everything from picking, to bumping, to good ole bolt cutters. However, in my studies I came across a new and unique way to open a padlock. Check it out in the video below: (more discussion after the video)

Credit to MrGear Channel on Youtube

Now let’s discuss this method to open a padlock. First you’ll probably notice the padlocks aren’t high end, and this method probably won’t work on a padlock that is hardened or even just case hardened steel. But many locks you come across aren’t high end security locks. Most people use locks in order to keep “honest thieves honest” as my father would say and being people they tend to choose the most affordable (read: cheap) lock they can. So many locks may be susceptible to this attack.

Second (and maybe this should have been first) do NOT use this on any lock you don’t have permission or authority to use it on. This technique can be useful if you lose a key to a lock on your luggage or a gate on your property. Again if you don’t have permission to open a padlock, don’t do it. You’ll likely end up in a lot of trouble, legal or otherwise.

Third, you’ll want to use quality wrenches. If they’re cheap pop metal (like the locks in this video) they’ll break before the lock does. So make sure your wrenches are made of hardened steel, otherwise you’ll have broken tools and still need to open a padlock.

So what do you think? Is this an effective method to open a padlock? What methods would you recommend? Let us know in the comments below.


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