How to Be a Sniper

How To Be A Sniper


So I didn’t create this playlist but I wanted to share it with the masses. TiborasuarusRex on Youtube has created an extensive and extremely detailed tutorial on everything you’d ever need to know for long range shooting. There are hours of gold in this playlist and if you want to know how to be a sniper or highly effective long range or extreme range shooter, this is hands down the best tutorial you can find.

He covers everything from cartridge selection to the features to look for in a scope. And while he recommends equipment he likes and uses, he more importantly gives you the principles of good long range shooting so you can make fact based decisions. So if you’re looking for how to be a sniper this is the most comprehensive tutorial on the internet.

So what do you think? What tips do you have for long range shooting? Is there anything in the playlist you disagree with? If so let us know in the comments below?

2 thoughts on “How To Be A Sniper

  1. I dont hunt anymore, just enjoy shooting! I wish you would devout a subsection on military rounds only. If needed in a s.h.t.f. situation there will be ample amounts of 308 and 223 around,( and probably 50 cal. too).Also, I am not military trained and wish you would do in yards, not meters.

    • So you know this series wasn’t done by me, so unfortunately I can’t change anything, but the information contained in it does actually come from the military training guides.

      As for the two rounds you mentioned, while this is an oversimplification, if you need long range go with .308 and if you need short range select .223.

      I am military trained and wish we did more in yards and not meters, but alas we want to be able to coordinate with our allies and they all use meters. The two units are pretty close to the same just remember that there’s approximately 4 extra inches per meter versus a yard. So 9 meters is just short of 10 yards.

      Do you have any specific questions about the above topics I might be able to help you out with? Let me know if you do and thanks for the feedback!

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