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Best Work Gloves Ever

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There are lot of gloves out there. Trust me I know. I tried for years to find a pair that would stand up to lots of use and abuse, were lightweight, were warm, and didn’t look ridiculous, or too tactical. Another important feature for me when looking for the best work gloves was tactile feedback. Basically, did I feel like I was using my hands or like I was using giant sausages for fingers? Well after years of searching I finally found the gloves that I feel best met all of my requirements. While not being perfect, and having to compromise in some features I think I found


Without further ado I introduce to you the

Mechanix Tactical Wear M-PACT Gloves

Best Work Gloves

Toughness: 9/10 Fingers!

These gloves can take a lot of abuse. I’ve had one of the original pairs for over 2 years. I recently had to finally replace them, and that’s only because I lost them. It was a sad day for sure.

I’m in the military and specifically a support unit, so gloves are critical to everything I do there. These took all the abuse of fixing motors, spilt fluids, handling rough surfaces, throwing weapons, around, etc. The only reason they don’t get a 10 is that the velcro on the wrist strap started to separate from the strap after about a year of use. Super glue fixed it, but it’s an imperfection and I want to be honest.

Weight: 10/10 Fingers!

These things only way 5.6 ounces. That’s barely a third of a pound. When you wear them they almost feel like nothing is there, which is exactly what you want with a pair of gloves, and for those who have to haul a lot of gear around, they essentially add nothing to your load out.

Warmth: 5/10 Fingers

This is the only true problem I’ve found with these gloves but that doesn’t stop them from being the best work gloves around. They do stop biting wind and provide some basic warmth, but they aren’t cold weather gloves. Which during the summer is a great advantage to them. But during the winter you need a little something more. I use these Under Armour Liners with mine and they become super toasty. Another advantage to using those liners is that they keep the tactile feedback strong and don’t add a lot of weight. But they will work with standard issue Army wool glove liners too.

Looks: 10/10 Fingers!

As stated, I’m in the military and need a pair of gloves that work with the uniform, and these fit the bill perfectly, but they do come in black and other standard colors so you don’t have to go super tactical with them if that’s not your thing. Another reason I think these are the best work gloves in the looks department is that they don’t have the hard knuckle cover a lot of “tacticool” gloves do. I’ve worn those style of gloves before and hate them. They just never fit right and sometimes when wearing them I feel like I’m trying to hard to look like I’m in the special forces. These gloves give you the protection of the hard knuckles with a soft rubber protector but don’t sacrifice the look or feel that those hard knuckle gloves do.

Tactile Feedback: 8/10

This one is hard to grade, because in the end all gloves take away some of the natural feeling of your hands. Part of that is sizing, and if you get the right size on these gloves they will fit your hand and give you pretty much full function of the fingers. The biggest drawback though is that these are not touchscreen compatible and in the world we live in today that is a crucial feature for a lot of people.

Miscellaneous: 9/10

These gloves have several extra features that help make them pretty nice. The palm is padded with a thin but soft layer of foam, and cut from some pretty tough leather. The top is a thick mesh that provides both protections and breathability. There’s a pad on the inside of the pointer finger that prevents common blisters. As mentioned before it uses a thick rubber “pad” over the knuckles to provide protection, and it’s cut in just the right places to provide maximum flexibility. The wrist strap is made from the same rubber and is not coming off the glove. However, the velcro which is sewn to the rubber did come off on my last pair after about a year of use. Another negative is that while they provide some basic protection when wet, you don’t want to let these get soaked. If you do make sure to let them air dry as soon as possible and you’ll be alright. Otherwise the gloves will begin to wear out at an accelerated pace.

Price: 10/10

Relative to other similar types of gloves, these are dirt cheap. Similar gloves from Oakley can cost around $80. These are normally around $25 meaning you’re saving nearly 70% when you buy these gloves. Which also means you an afford to grab more than one pair and keep a set in the toolbox as well as with your shooting kit.


Now I hear what you’re saying. If it’s 8.7 out of 10, how can they be the best work gloves ever? Well first, anything can improve, and second very rarely do you find the absolute perfect product. Compromises often have to made in the name of price, design, engineering limitations, etc. In my humble opinion these gloves find the perfect balance between all of those factors, and really only fall short in a couple minor aspects that can be remedied fairly quickly.

So in my humble non-expert-but-definitely-based-on-real-world-experience opinion the best work gloves are the M-PACT gloves from Mechanix. But what’s your opinion? Do you agree with me? Do you think there’s a better glove out there? If so let us know in the comments below.

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