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Athlon Argos BTR Review – Should you buy it?

The Athlon Argos BTR

I recently got my hands on an Athlon Argos BTR. They’re brand new to the market and there’s been a lot of hype leading up to the Athlon scopes. One of the factors contributing to that hype was the relatively low price of them. The scopes retail at $380 but are being compared to scopes that cost 2-3 times as much (the Vortext PST being the main competitor). So of course many are wondering how the Athlon Argos is able to provide the same quality at such a remarkably low price, and in fact many are wondering if they do provide that quality.

Well I can tell you that they do! This scope is amazing. Watch the video above to get my full take on the Athlon Argos (and see a sneak peak of the mostly completed Project Coyote). It’s not perfect but for it’s price there is nothing that can beat it in my humble opinion. Regardless, watch the video to find out my thoughts. If you’re unable to watch here’s a quick bullet point list of why it’s so great.

  • Side object adjustment all the way from 10 yards (!) to 500 yards & infinity.
  • Glass is clear from edge to edge. There is better glass of course, but not at this price point.
  • The reticle is simple but gives you more than enough information to get the right holdover
  • Eye Relief is very forgiving on the Athlon Argos.
  • Lifetime Warranty. If it breaks they repair or replace it, just like the popular Vortex warranty.
  • Tracking holds. I still need to do an indepth test but on the basic test I describe in the video the tracking brought my POI right back to where I zero’d it at.
  • Price is unbeatable for what you get.
  • 1 Flaw: The adjustment range is a bit narrower than many people like, but it meets my needs and will probably meet yours too.

Also a huge shout out to Peter over at Tracer Hit Light who turned me on to this scope and convinced me to be an early adopter. If you’re looking for a good guy to do business with he’s your man.

So what do you think? Does the Athlon Argos live up to the hype? Have you been able to get your hands on one? Let us know in the comments below!

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