DIY Portable Target Stand

DIY Portable Target Stand

Who wants to learn how to make their own DIY portable target stand? If you raised your hand you’re in luck because today’s post is going to be exactly that. And if you didn’t raise your hand, well stick around and learn something anyways. You’ll be glad you did. The Video I’m a visual learner … Continue

Project Coyote – Our Long Range Rifle

Welcome to the latest project from Survival Defense Lab, a long range rifle I like to call: PROJECT COYOTE THE LONG RANGE RIFLE So, this is a personal project of mine that I’ve decided to share with the internet as it goes along. While shooting has long been a passion of mine, I haven’t had a … Continue


It’s another video! (I know it’s been a while). In this video I give you a brief look into a “restoration” I did of a Mosin Nagant. I picked this rifle up pretty cheaply and will eventually “bubba” it with an Archangel Stock and scope. But until then I wanted to fix up the stock … Continue