Athlon Argos BTR Review – Should you buy it?

Athlon Argos Scope

The Athlon Argos BTR I recently got my hands on an Athlon Argos BTR. They’re brand new to the market and there’s been a lot of hype leading up to the Athlon scopes. One of the factors contributing to that hype was the relatively low price of them. The scopes retail at $380 but are … Continue

Project Coyote – The Plan

Two weeks ago, I introduced our newest project here at Survival Defense Lab: Project Coyote. For those that didn’t see it or don’t want to give it a look, the short version is that I’m building a long range rifle and I’m sharing the experience with you.  So to get us started I’m going to give … Continue

How To Be A Sniper

How to Be a Sniper

How To Be A SNIPER So I didn’t create this playlist but I wanted to share it with the masses. TiborasuarusRex on Youtube has created an extensive and extremely detailed tutorial on everything you’d ever need to know for long range shooting. There are hours of gold in this playlist and if you want to know how to … Continue