How To Be A Sniper

How to Be a Sniper

How To Be A SNIPER So I didn’t create this playlist but I wanted to share it with the masses. TiborasuarusRex on Youtube has created an extensive and extremely detailed tutorial on everything you’d ever need to know for long range shooting. There are hours of gold in this playlist and if you want to know how to … Continue

Project Coyote – Our Long Range Rifle

Welcome to the latest project from Survival Defense Lab, a long range rifle I like to call: PROJECT COYOTE THE LONG RANGE RIFLE So, this is a personal project of mine that I’ve decided to share with the internet as it goes along. While shooting has long been a passion of mine, I haven’t had a … Continue

TES: Loaded or Chambered.

When you conceal carry should you keep your firearm just loaded or chambered? This is a question that has faced a lot of debate. And since we like to ruffle feathers here we’ll join in. Of course if you’ve ready any of my other articles you probably know what the answer will be: It Depends! … Continue