Top 5 Posts of 2015

Gun Control Advocate's Worst Fear

Well everyone, 2016 is finally here. Hopefully one of your resolutions is to get even more prepared for SHTF and better skilled with your firearms. As part of our quest to help you do that here are the top 5 posts of 2015. And be sure to stay tuned for an even greater 2016 from … Continue

Which Gun is Best For Home Defense Pt. 2

or HOW I KEEP MY PROMISES TO MAKE VIDEOS ABOUT HOME DEFENSE AND EVEN CHANGE IT UP A BIT Finally, after much anticipation and having forgotten I had even made a part 1 I am finally releasing part 2 in our home defense series. In this video we examine round penetration on a typical interior … Continue

THE LAB REPORT:Podcast & More

If you subscribe below you’ll be entered for a free chance to win .22lr. You get a great newsletter, awesome podcast, and probably some ammo. What do you have to lose. For every 100 subscribers up to the first 500 I’ll give away 100 rounds of .22lr to one random subscriber. So subscribe and tell … Continue