DNS Attack Leaves Internet Helpless And It May Be Your Fault

Ok so the headline is a bit misleading, but in case you haven’t heard there was a DNS attack this morning that left a lot of major sites gasping for breath. If you want to read more about the specific attack Gizmodo has a great run down on it. In this article I want to … Continue

An Open Letter To the BLM

We’re currently facing the closing of many public lands available for shooters in the State of Utah. These lands provide safe, free, and accessible space for shooters to practice their hobby and craft, and should continue to remain open. I’ve sent them the following letter and would encourage you do the same even if you … Continue

I’m Back!

So there’s been a hiatus here at SDL. It’s both been by design and accident. I was meaning to slow down, but I accidentally stopped. But no worries. Life is settled and we can return to our regularly scheduled program now. Since we’re not a faceless corporate entity and want you to know that I … Continue