Top 5 Posts of 2015

Gun Control Advocate's Worst Fear

Well everyone, 2016 is finally here. Hopefully one of your resolutions is to get even more prepared for SHTF and better skilled with your firearms. As part of our quest to help you do that here are the top 5 posts of 2015. And be sure to stay tuned for an even greater 2016 from … Continue

Gun Control: Answers To Common Claims

Gun Control Advocate's Worst Fear

While we obviously have a political bias here, we mostly try to keep out of direct debate. However, when those debates directly affect the topics and focus of this site it’s time we clear some things up. So I’m going to take some common arguments for gun control and counter them with facts. I’m also … Continue

Active Shooter – How Do You React?

Active Shooter

I write this post with a bit of hesitation and a very heavy heart. A few days ago there was another mass shooting, and while I don’t want to capitalize on it and abuse the news of tragic death to garner page views, I feel it’s important to get information out there that is relevant and … Continue