Happy Veteran’s Day! Get Some Free Stuff

In case you can’t tell, we’re pretty pro-military here. That’s because the military is pretty awesome. So I just wanted to say Happy Veteran’s day and thanks for all the service the military provides. My father is a veteran of Vietnam and it helped make him the awesome Dad he was and is. So go … Continue

Ebola – Should You Be Worried?

Disclaimer: So this post is more of an opinion piece than the practical information and no nonsense approach we typically take here. Keep in mind I’m not a medical professional, and none of this advice should supersede that of your doctor or educated local health officials. But it is based on common sense and experience, … Continue

Rubber Bullets and Ear Plugs, an Unlikely Pairing.

So many of you have probably seen this tweet. and like everyone else, thought, what a dummy. I’ll admit it I did. After all he apparently mistook the classic orange ear plugs that every shooter is very familiar with for being rubber bullets. This is definitely reflective of the media’s approach to firearms: assume everything involved is bad … Continue