Ebola – Should You Be Worried?

Disclaimer: So this post is more of an opinion piece than the practical information and no nonsense approach we typically take here. Keep in mind I’m not a medical professional, and none of this advice should supersede that of your doctor or educated local health officials. But it is based on common sense and experience, … Continue

Survival Radios – Another Reason To Have One

When it comes to getting prepared, an item on most lists you’ll find is a survival radio. And it makes a lot of sense. After all it provides you with a way to get information, and if you have one like mine (see the review of FRX2), it gives you a way to provide charge to your other devices. But there’s another reason why you should have one, and it has more to do with mental reasons than psychological. Continue after the jump to find out what that reason is.

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Review – FRX2 Weather Radio

  I just got a new “toy” this weekend. I was going to head into the mountains this weekend and wanted to listen to an event on the radio, so I finally had the perfect excuse to buy a weather or emergency radio. I’ll admit that I wasn’t able to research this as much as I … Continue