TES: Loaded or Chambered.

When you conceal carry should you keep your firearm just loaded or chambered? This is a question that has faced a lot of debate. And since we like to ruffle feathers here we’ll join in. Of course if you’ve ready any of my other articles you probably know what the answer will be: It Depends! … Continue

Active Shooter – How Do You React?

Active Shooter

I write this post with a bit of hesitation and a very heavy heart. A few days ago there was another mass shooting, and while I don’t want to capitalize on it and abuse the news of tragic death to garner page views, I feel it’s important to get information out there that is relevant and … Continue

Flash Flood – What To Do

flash flood

There were recently some major flash floods in my area that have gone down as the most lives lost in a natural disaster in my state and of course this has sparked some discussion on what to do in case you’re caught in a flash flood. The answer isn’t a simple one and in many … Continue