AAR: Utah F.A.S.T Armed Security Course

The First AAR For those of you who don’t know what an AAR is, it’s an After Action Review. Basically after a course, class, workshop, etc. you sit down and discuss what was supposed to happen, what happened, what went well, and what can improve. Here at Survival Defense Lab we’re going to start doing … Continue

Quick Way To Open a Padlock

There are a lot of ways to open a padlock. Everything from picking, to bumping, to good ole bolt cutters. However, in my studies I came across a new and unique way to open a padlock. Check it out in the video below: (more discussion after the video) Credit to MrGear Channel on Youtube Now … Continue

Does It Kindle? 4 Kindling Sources Tested

In today’s video I test 4 alternative sources for kindling I’ve found on the internet. Of course with the internet being what it is, you find all sorts of crazy ideas so I wanted to put these kindling sources to the test! One other factor I wanted to test was the ability of these kindling … Continue