Quick Way To Open a Padlock

There are a lot of ways to open a padlock. Everything from picking, to bumping, to good ole bolt cutters. However, in my studies I came across a new and unique way to open a padlock. Check it out in the video below: (more discussion after the video) Credit to MrGear Channel on Youtube Now … Continue

5 Items For Your Winter Survival Car Kit

As Winter Storm Jonas closes it’s damaging run across the east coast, and lighter but still strong storms leave their last snowflakes across the midwest we are left with a painful reminder that winter can be a harsh challenge. With reports that some were stranded in their cars for up to 18 hours, it’s important to make … Continue

Does It Kindle? 4 Kindling Sources Tested

In today’s video I test 4 alternative sources for kindling I’ve found on the internet. Of course with the internet being what it is, you find all sorts of crazy ideas so I wanted to put these kindling sources to the test! One other factor I wanted to test was the ability of these kindling … Continue