Review of The D.F.A.T. from DST Precision & Why Dry Fire is Important

So I know we all want to go out and sling lead as much as possible. We want to put bullets on target and get that sweet sweet satisfaction that comes from hearing steel ring at 1000 yards. Unfortunately for many of us, especially if you shoot a precision rig (like The Coyote), that can … Continue

DNS Attack Leaves Internet Helpless And It May Be Your Fault

Ok so the headline is a bit misleading, but in case you haven’t heard there was a DNS attack this morning that left a lot of major sites gasping for breath. If you want to read more about the specific attack Gizmodo has a great run down on it. In this article I want to … Continue

Athlon Argos BTR vs. Vortex Viper PST – Side by Side Comparison

Athlon Argos BTR vs. Vortex Viper PST

Athlon Argos BTR vs. Vortex Viper PST It’s finally here! The side-by-side comparison of the two most compared scopes in history! Ok so I’m exaggerating just a little, but we all know these two scopes have seen their fair share of debate in all the lovely internet forums so I finally wanted to put them … Continue