Top 5 Survival Apps

Survival Apps? We’re supposed to be surviving an apocalypse with no power or keeping ourselves alive when lost in the woods. So we normally don’t think of smart phones as a survival tool. With short battery lives, and their sometimes fragile nature (cough.. cough… Apple), they don’t typically meet the durability and usability requirements most … Continue


In case you didn’t know September is National Preparedness Month. In honor of the month I wanted to give to the community so I am happy to announce that our first app SPAARTN:B is now FREE!  That’s right we’ve changed SPAARTN:B from a paid app to free, and there are NO ads. I really think it’s important … Continue

Great Kickstarter Project – ProSounds X-Pro Hearing Protection

Hey everyone. I just wanted to share a great kickstarter project I found. It only has a few hours left, but for those of you who like your hearing and are looking for something a bit less clunky than traditional over the ear protection, but more functional than foamies then this is the project for you. Go … Continue