DIY Target Stand – For Cheap!

So when you’re learning to shoot, it’s important to have something to shoot at. And as your mother probably taught you, your brother’s don’t count, so today’s article is on how to build your own target stand. This isn’t a money saving plan (even though it is super cheap), as professionally made ones are usually pretty affordable, and this isn’t a “my stand will increase your tacticalness by over 9000 because of it’s features” plan either, as there are a lot of different approaches that work. This is the stand that fits my needs and I wanted to share the plans with you. So continue after the jump to see the plans:


Rubber Bullets and Ear Plugs, an Unlikely Pairing.

So many of you have probably seen this tweet. and like everyone else, thought, what a dummy. I’ll admit it I did. After all he apparently mistook the classic orange ear plugs that every shooter is very familiar with for being rubber bullets. This is definitely reflective of the media’s approach to firearms: assume everything involved is bad … Continue

SDL takes the Ice Bucket Challenge.

I’ve taken the #icebucketchallenge. Have you? Be sure to have some fun and donate to a good cause. We’ll be donating to both ALS and another charity of our choice. Thanks for supporting SDL!