I’m Back!

So there’s been a hiatus here at SDL. It’s both been by design and accident. I was meaning to slow down, but I accidentally stopped. But no worries. Life is settled and we can return to our regularly scheduled program now. Since we’re not a faceless corporate entity and want you to know that I … Continue

The 4 Rules of Gun Safety – TES

This series is meant for the Everyday Shooter. Too often the information we find on the internet is aimed at competition or tactical type shooters. You know the type. They eat, drink, and breath firearms. They can tell you the difference between a magazine and clip, and will if you ever mix them up. Well … Continue


It’s another video! (I know it’s been a while). In this video I give you a brief look into a “restoration” I did of a Mosin Nagant. I picked this rifle up pretty cheaply and will eventually “bubba” it with an Archangel Stock and scope. But until then I wanted to fix up the stock … Continue