I’m Back!

So there’s been a hiatus here at SDL. It’s both been by design and accident. I was meaning to slow down, but I accidentally stopped. But no worries. Life is settled and we can return to our regularly scheduled program now. Since we’re not a faceless corporate entity and want you to know that I … Continue

Hack Turns Chryslers Into Giant R/C Cars

Car Hack Gives You Remote Control Chrysler

via Wired First, watch the video. Second let’s talk. So if you read my post on digital security, you’ll remember my philosophy that if there is a copper-to-copper connection then the information is accessible. This is regardless of what security measures you put in place. Well that maxim also applies to radio or cellular connections as well. The … Continue

Digital Security – Essential To Survival

Digital Security - Oh Yeah!

Given the recent Ashley Madison breach digital security is on everyone’s minds. Unfortunately In today’s digital world personal security is getting harder to maintain. Everywhere you go online a website wants you to sign up to do even the simplest of tasks. Unfortunately for many of us, this means there’s digital fingerprints left all over … Continue